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REM Architects provides you with a breakdown of your building by the floor, identifying those areas defined by BOMA as being “Common Areas” “Office Areas” and “Store Areas”, etc. Common Areas may include main corridors, lounges, and elevator vestibules which may vary from floor to floor. Office Areas include those areas occupied by Tenants, Store Areas include spaces occupied for the purpose of retail occupancy. The values are then put into an easy, accessible and handy spreadsheet. BOMA Tabulation
REM Architects can provide you with comprehensive plans that identify each floor’s individual and common areas and can be detailed to include site features and interiors of existing offices. These plans can also be developed to assist you with Tenant Improvements and floor plans for prospective tenants.  REM Architects can assist you in consolidating existing drawings as well as maintaining records of future improvements.
REM Architects can provide you with a 3D projection of your building’s volume. This helps Tenant’s to visualize areas identified as “Common Areas” or “Major Vertical Penetrations” which they pay a portion of. All of these services can help existing Tenants understand and accept any possible rent increases and help prospective Tenants understand what their rent includes.
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